Short Comic Book Idea

Hello guys,

Despite being so full of university work and deadlines early January, I am intending on starting a (hopefully) small project based on a story idea I had in a dream. I barely remember any of my dreams to actually remembering this and liking it so much to dig more into the idea is usual for me!

I am hoping to create a comic book about a late teen – young adult girl called Aiode who lives on an island that needs an annual music show/or festival of sorts to appease to an entity that had been known to keep the island alive and afloat, she is chosen to either become the new entity or has been conned and her should will be consumed. When it comes to this, I would rather have the whole story idea be done as I am unsure with what I want to happen after a certain part and some details that go with the story.
Though I want this to be a comic, I also want to have part of it as a novel as well… The intended idea was to have most of the Aiode’s soul parts as a comic, and anything to do with reality as a novel as such… of course being an artist and illustrator I want to get the drawing done first as it is something I love to do, which means development of the characters and possible creatures in the story, even if they are in the writing to have development for them.

I do not intend on giving myself a deadline for this as I would like to give myself time to properly think about where I want this project to go and if I should create a physical book or have it as something that should just stay online. Also, because university work is piling up and I am intending to dive more into it once my deadlines are over.
I intend to post development and overall ideas on my instagram (@brillustrationss), to show what I can do when it comes to artwork… a possible starting date of this idea will be late January by putting together visual research and mood boarding my ideas.

Sorry it has been so long since I posted
See you guys later!

Bryony Ryan


Art Station!

Hello Guys!

I have just recently made myself an Art Station account.
From having experience a few art based sites, the only one I am commonly on when it comes to my artwork is Instagram, I wanted to create an Art Station account for a while but my Masters course has given me more of a reason to do so!
I have not added a lot of work onto this account, but I am getting there, mostly wanting to add any most recent artwork that isn’t already on my portfolio website.

The link to this account is above as part of the menu, I only really have one project on it at the moment, but I intend to start adding another (The Kimono Project) once I get around to starting on the second piece.

I do also plan sharing some concept sketches for my story when I finally start doing some thumbnails and digital sketches for it as well :]

Thank you for reading!

The Kimono Project


I thought I’d write a blog about a project I have been thinking of doing for a while and have been slowly researching into.

I have now finished my undergradute course and I am happy with my result, but whilst I was waiting for my results, I did an expo and sold some pieces and because of that, I felt inspired and decided to try and give myself a small project. That is when I came up with The Kimono Project.

The Kimono Project I plan on researching and showing the differences between the Korean Hanbok, the Chinese Cheongsam and the Japanese Kimono. I want to look more into the garments themselves, look into traditional colours used, patterns and the shape of the garment. Along with they hairstyles that would go with these garments. I am curious about Asian cultures but mostly interested in the traditional clothing side of them, I would like to produce 3 or 6 illustrations based on these garments. Three with the traditional colours and patterns, and the other 3 based on a generated colour pallette and more modern patterns.

I plan on using a digital medium (possibly Clip Studio Paint) but I want to try and use a style of colouring I don’t usually go with. I want these pieces to look like paintings with a bit of roughness around the edges of them. With this in mind. I have a few programs in mind to try this with: Coral Painter, Art Rage or Pro Create.

Whilst doing this project, I am hoping that I will be able to improve on the folds of fabric and shading of colours that are not skin colour based.

This is all the info I have currently on this project, my objectives, what i hope to acheive. My deadline for this project is sometime next year, nothing specific as of yet. I hope you like the sound of this project. Because once I have finished the pieces, I plan on selling them as prints on my etsy store!

Thank you for reading,