The Kimono Project


I thought I’d write a blog about a project I have been thinking of doing for a while and have been slowly researching into.

I have now finished my undergradute course and I am happy with my result, but whilst I was waiting for my results, I did an expo and sold some pieces and because of that, I felt inspired and decided to try and give myself a small project. That is when I came up with The Kimono Project.

The Kimono Project I plan on researching and showing the differences between the Korean Hanbok, the Chinese Cheongsam and the Japanese Kimono. I want to look more into the garments themselves, look into traditional colours used, patterns and the shape of the garment. Along with they hairstyles that would go with these garments. I am curious about Asian cultures but mostly interested in the traditional clothing side of them, I would like to produce 3 or 6 illustrations based on these garments. Three with the traditional colours and patterns, and the other 3 based on a generated colour pallette and more modern patterns.

I plan on using a digital medium (possibly Clip Studio Paint) but I want to try and use a style of colouring I don’t usually go with. I want these pieces to look like paintings with a bit of roughness around the edges of them. With this in mind. I have a few programs in mind to try this with: Coral Painter, Art Rage or Pro Create.

Whilst doing this project, I am hoping that I will be able to improve on the folds of fabric and shading of colours that are not skin colour based.

This is all the info I have currently on this project, my objectives, what i hope to acheive. My deadline for this project is sometime next year, nothing specific as of yet. I hope you like the sound of this project. Because once I have finished the pieces, I plan on selling them as prints on my etsy store!

Thank you for reading,