Art Station!

Hello Guys!

I have just recently made myself an Art Station account.
From having experience a few art based sites, the only one I am commonly on when it comes to my artwork is Instagram, I wanted to create an Art Station account for a while but my Masters course has given me more of a reason to do so!
I have not added a lot of work onto this account, but I am getting there, mostly wanting to add any most recent artwork that isn’t already on my portfolio website.

The link to this account is above as part of the menu, I only really have one project on it at the moment, but I intend to start adding another (The Kimono Project) once I get around to starting on the second piece.

I do also plan sharing some concept sketches for my story when I finally start doing some thumbnails and digital sketches for it as well :]

Thank you for reading!


First Fiction Novel/Graphic Novel book!

Hello everyone!

I have finally started doing something I’ve been wanting to do for a long time now. Once I finished university i had the idea to start writing stories for my main four characters from my concept art project called Lasarith. Though I am currently doing a small project now i am wanting to make a start on this one.
I have decided to start writing my story for character number one: Maxine Mitchell. Once I have writting the very first draft of my first chapter I want to start developing characters and looking into the city it is based in.

‘An apathetic politican for Vampyr Rights, takes things into her own hands and become Soul Drinker after finding out about a recent and arrest agains the Vampyr Royal Family’s eldest son. Herself, his family and the whole vampyr community know they have the wrong person but they are not being heard. She is contacted by the family to investigate it further along side with an allie of the family, a dark elf named Himeldir.
Who is the real murder? Political rivals? other races wanting the Vampyrs out? or did the prince murder the victim afterall?’
(reworded synopis) 

With this character, I want her to be able to overcome her lack of emotions, I want her to realise that their is nothing wrong with showing emotions and trusting people. Maxine is the first of my characters that will be overcoming some form of emotional trauma and trying to push through with self help, I want her struggle with emotions to be noticed in this story because it will be a big part of her.

Thank you for reading.

P.S. Since I am now a student again, it is going to take me a little longer than expected to get this story anywhere near finished (writing wise), I am intending to see if I can do character/environment development for my final project on my current course and I hope to get at least possible two chapters done…


I have not used this website in a very long time.
My name is Bryony Ryan, I am an illustrator and character artist. Currently a student studying my Masters in Concept art. And I do not have a lot to say about myself…
I like to write fiction in my spare time and come up with small projects to do whilst I’m not too busy.
I am looking for illustration work (fiction book illustrations, graphic novels) I would like to work with a game company to create concepts for characters one day as well as collaborate with an author to make their book cover come to life.
But I feel like I need to find a way to show off my work better, I do have an official website! you can visit it by clicking the link below and I hope to post on here more about projects I am currently working on as well as new projects.

Thank you guys!